Saturday, July 17, 2010

Teachers or parents, now's the time to...

STOCK UP on school supplies! :) Not sure if you've seen all the ads lately, but there are some great deals on school supplies right now. I've ended up at Walmart and Target and seen 25¢ crayons, 25¢ glue, paper, pens, etc., but the deals are most places right now (Staples, grocery stores, etc.). This is a great time to stock up on these school items for teachers, college students, parents who need school supplies for their kids, parents who need craft items for home, anyone who needs birthday/Christmas presents for kids, or even people who buy their own office supplies. Plan ahead now and you won't have to pay full price later! :)

*TEACHERS - the $1.00 section at Target has some great items for you! (organizing tools, stickers, and more!)