Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Frosty's!!!

Right now Wendy's has a promotion going on where you can buy a key chain for $1.00 and it'll give you a free Frosty any time you go there until the end of the year! I remember this promo from last year and could never find a local Wendy's that was offering it. If you find a Wendy's that is offering it leave a comment and let us know. The location I got my key chain from is on Pecos/Alma School. I believe you can buy the key chain through the end of March. You might just want to call around to some local locations to see if they are participating.


Ben and Melissa James said...

Kyrene & Warner. In the Home Depot/Amazing Grace parking lot.

Hantla said...

Warner and Alma School (by Walmart)

April said...

90th Street and Via Linda in Scottsdale is doing it too by Fry's Marketplace