Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cheap Yummy Bread!

I am a big fan of bread outlets and recently was made 're-aware' of one that I love!!! It's the Oroweat outlet on Kyrene/Warner near the Home Depot and Amazing Grace Christian book store. Many years ago I used to go there, not sure why I ever stopped, but I'm so glad my friend reminded me of it...I've already scored some great deals there!

A great thing about this outlet is that it's all fresh bread (not day old bread like some outlets) and they offer much more than bread; i.e. doughnuts, dry soup mix, jams, etc. Of course the prices are really great too...they usually have a couple of kinds of bread for .99 each day along with other daily specials. Another great deal is their Sandwich Thins are 2 packs for $3.00 and they have 3 kinds (regular, wheat, and honey wheat)...that is a GREAT price!

Now for their customer perks...every $7.00 you spend in one purchase you get a free item from a select rack (I got free Sandwich Thins and hot dog buns my last visit). Then they also have a punch card and once it's filled up you get to pick a free item...and on Sundays and Wednesdays it's double punch day. I filled up over 1/2 a card on my 1st visit because it was double punch day...so it doesn't take forever to fill it up like some frequent buyer cards. YEAH! :)

Check it out if you can...and if you don't live in this area try googling 'bread outlet' and see if there are any near by.

Another great outlet I've mentioned before is the Alpine Bakery Outlet. I still love their deals and bread but for me right now the Oroweat is a better fit because I don't have to be there at a certain time and fight crowds with two little ones, I can go anytime during the day and still get a great selection for just a little bit more than Alpine.

Here's info on Alpine that I've posted before:
Every morning, but especially Fridays because the selection is better, they have their day old bread(still fresh, just a day past the day they are able to sell it in the stores)...2/$1.00!!! (They sell in the stores for about $3-5.00/loaf) I got Oat Bran, Whole Wheat Honey, Jalapeno Cheddar, Bread Bowls (for soup), and sliced dinner bread...they have many other kinds, but that's all my freezer will hold for now. :) They also have pastries marked down too. I got a really yummy blueberry cake/bread loaf for 99c. Here's their website to check it out...


They open at 8:30am, but to get first selection you should be there around 8:10-20...if you're not picky about the specialty breads and just want some good white/wheat bread you could probably go later and still get some good deals. :) ...and bring a bag or two. I forgot and it was really hard to hold everything! ;)


Kari said...

Where is the Alpine Bread Store? I looked on their website and could only see distributors like AJ's, Costco and Sprouts (to name a few). Thanks!! - Kari

Jen said...

Sorry, that'd probably help! :)
It's on Southern between Alma School & Country Club, and it's on the north side of the street.

Melanie said...

The other Oroweat factory is by Superstition Mall. It's off of Southern and something :). E of Power...